wants. needs. offers.

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Below is the information we gathered from everyone about their wants, needs and offers.

Organisation / IndividualWant to do Need Offer
Encourage farmers in a warm and positive way, one at a time, supporting them to change. They feel threatened and alone. Need something to benefit their living.
Alan MossmanAdvice on Open Space workshop technologies
AnitaGroup for planting trees with others
Anna Helpern Lande
(Solar South West)
Initiative to buy and install 1 – 2 GigaWatt of Solar in the South West (“Solar South West”)People to lead on outreach, planning and education for Solar South West Advice on commercial initiatives
Bernard Develop a CSA near Stroud Grower or farmer interested in biodynamic / organic principles for new CSA

Land (small to start but up to 100 acres) for community farm
Advice on biodynamics / sustainability and background principles to these
Biodynamic Land TrustEnable more biodynamic farming to feed Stroud Advice / pathways to securing land for growing
Bisley Community Composting Scheme Network with other groups

Extend the work we already do with schools and other voluntary groups
Research on carbon sequestration

More community composting schemes!
Leaf mould, unsieved compost, sieved compost, advice, information, workshops
David DrewContacts with main funding organisations, esp. Tenant Farmers’ Association and Land for People
Earth Protectors StroudSteering group with town council to create a global town model
Emily SeffarBe part of something meaningful

Promote change and shared responsibility

Use my skills, including as an illustrator, to find creative solutions
Affordable living solutions for young people

Illustration expertise, time
Fungus-loci (Dom)Set up community food resource space including community kitchen and education Space for urban growing and community food processing resource (Ideally in town) Advice / ideas on:

small-scale mushroom cultivation and set-up design

role of fungi in fruit/veg growing and forestry
Hedgehog Republic Rewild people’s back gardens and bring down barriers for wildlife
Janet Obdell Land for growing (?) and for cabin
Judy Barbour Advice and expertise on EMF mitigation including 5G

Circle of Elders at The Beacon

Plant based food expertise for wellness

World cafe discussion meetings
Kath Haywood Carbon balancing supporting woodland in the tropics
Lucas Oakbrook Farm Planning advice and help Community investment

Advice on fundraising for organisations
Narjiss Seffar Get involved in “Teach the Truth” workshops about climate and what we can do individually, at schools and universities Speakers (experts and doers) to speak and educate at SOAS in climate awareness / response workshops

Free guidebook on how to live, shop, dress, wash and eat sustainably in Stroud
Students position

Access to an International platform of young people

Speaking and networking skills

Workshops on climate awareness
New CSA (Ian) Land



Community members to be part of CSA
Open Food NetworkOpen source software to facilitate

Food producers to set up advice online shopfront direct to customers

Community groups to set up food hubs from multiple local producers for local collection and/or delivery
SidGrow food and give it away for free, funded by retreatsAccess to land very close to townPermaculture training

Eco building / strawbale building
Sophia LathamWild food foraging walks

Nature connection facilitation
Stop Ecocide Through EPT – to link and facilitate schools to become practically and regularly involved in rewilding, increasing biodiversity, tree planting and food growing, enabling children and young people to develop resilience (including wellbeing and emotional resilience)
Stroud District Action on PlasticDevelop resources and a website / platform so that other districts can learn from our successes and replicate the work we are doing More businesses to take part in our plastic free community scheme

including sports clubs, schools and parish/town councils
Workshops, information, monthly drop in, resources, practical ideas, list of where to shop unpackaged / plastic free, champion accreditation
Stroud Seedbank (Beth)Connect with public to inspire and educate about seed sowing

Create a map of saved seed in Stroud (where, how long, species etc.)
Saving seed workshops

Group communication re. Seeds

Visits to seed saving education and spaces
Stroud Slad Farm (Paul and Sarah)Beauty in the farm

Create evidence for sustainable grassland and carbon sequestration
Flowers / underplanting in our orchard

PhD level research
Passion and vision for part of Slad Valley

Stroud Slad Farm as venue for research
Slade Bank Woods Create a model for increasing disabled access to woodland and nature spaces Funds to run health and wellbeing [] on GP prescription Land / Venue 15 minutes walk from town to run workshops
Stroud Valleys Community Car ClubWant to go all electric by 2020

10 spaces in one place
More members Can have an EV in the same place as the Car clubs
Stroud Valleys project Plant more trees

More partnership working
Land for green burial site
StroudCo Foodhub Planning / consultation group on how to improve food distribution in the Stroud Districts in particular the role of online shopfronts Restructuring ideas so StroudCo can meet needs of growers, farmers, shoppers and buyers
Transition Stroud Groups that can offer specialist support to local climate action grops Link to Transition Stroud Action Groups (Transport and Culture, Energy, Repair Cafe, Stroud Community TV, Textile Group, Plastic)

Help in setting up community based climate action groups including advice, workshops, confidence building
Transition Textile Group Teach more people to mend their clothes Teaching how to mend own clothes and keep clothes out of landfill
Treesisters Community tree-planting bringing together self-resourcing, nature connection and action

Support and raise awareness of similar projects in the tropics



Tree / nature connection

New paradigm of action balancing self-resourcing, nature connection and action
Warm and wellAdvice to make your home more sustainable and the building warm and well