Food / Land

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Below is the information gathered from the Food & Land group.

Mapping of Land:

  • underway with Paul Hofman etc.

Access to Land:

  • skill sets matched to land
  • building trust
  • lobbying
  • looking together at funding 

Farm Walks

  • Tenant farms
  • FWAGs
  • Mental Health support 

Pool Knowledge about diet for a Healthy Planet

  • Sustainable meat and plant based diets 


  • Open-food network –on line food, direct. Facilitation around using this.
  • Fair price to farmers

Build a strategy for food security

Business approach to community sustainable growing

Community growing in or with schools

Use of Larger Gardens – put up a sign and Bisley Compost Scheme 

Liase with planners and farmers – best contact?

Increase Awareness of 5G and possible structures