Community Engagement

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Below is the information gathered from the Community Engagement group.

University workshops about climate awareness – this is due to happen at SOAS next year – will be compulsory for students and optional for staff. Narj asks if we have any suggestions for workshops or what should be included. Once set up this could be rolled out to other universities, colleges, schools etc.

Earth Protector Schools – increase awareness of solutions, increase biodiversity/food growing/tree planting in schools. Schools could join the CSA. Include parents, teachers and children.

Social Prescriptions – Gps have a budget for social prescribing. Need to link them up with gardening projects, nature projects, other health services. Due to start in Stroud at end of November. Space to meet, a yurt, plus facilitators needed. Maybe events. • Down to Earth – already has prescription gardening. Could be a model.

Walking for Health Groups – already exist in Stroud and Stonehouse.

Bus Walk Programmes

Promote/teach foraging

Local Climate Action Groups – communities of geography. Promote behaviour change, include schools, food projects, energy and transport.

Creativity and Creative Expression – for emotional health, to open dialogue, recovery from addiction, homeless people, children etc.

Cooking, Eating, Growing Together – cook club – struggling. Maybe a pop-up cafe. Involve children etc.

More co-housing/flats – with gardens. Multi-generational. Talk to SDC planning department.

Community Kitchen – for food processing, for small scale growers. Could be educational. Eg: St Laurence Church, springhill?

Link with Social Workers and Community Support workers – could get vouchers.

Tamar Valley – Open Food Network – Grow, Cook, Share – with local health authority. To help address food poverty.

Work with Local Independent Businesses

To get young people involved need affordable housing eg: Homebaked Anfield in Liverpool – A community land trust that started as a bakery – employs local people, sells pies to football fans. no developing affordable housing.

People’s Assemblies – could learn from XR in how to communicate with each other. Conflict resilience.

Need system change, deep adaptation – re-learning of the Old Ways, self organising systems.