Carbon Neutrality

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Below is the information gathered from the Carbon Neutrality group.

Measurement and baselines

Discussion about measurement and baselines·        

Tools and metrics

Some tools and metrics were identified and groups which are researching and developing low carbon and regenerative activities especially around food and farming:

Carbon Zero 2030 

Transition Stroud has a new CO2 mapping group which is aiming to collect information on district wide carbon reduction initiatives.  They are holding a ‘map-jam’ on 18 Jan 2020. 

Getting people to act

Perhaps we should Incentivise people through a business case, such as local solar power generation – reduces carbon and has a financial benefit. 

Working with local government

There is a planned “Stroud District Cross-Sector Strategic Partnership for Carbon Neutral 2030” but this has yet to get underway.   It was recommended that people put pressure on the district council to initiate this.